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  1. Dogs have a natural need to chew
  2. Healthy chewing help them clean their teeth and gums; also maintains their overall physical health
  3. Chewing is a normal behavior for dogs, just like breathing or eating. This a primal instinct for them. If they’re chewing, they are happy.
  1. They are made of single ingredient, %100 natural and healty food for your dog. Contains high protein (more than 60%) and satisfy your dogs natural chewing instict
  2. Rich in ingredients derived from natural sources and free from artificial additives; contains no chemicals and preservatives
  3. Your dog can enjoy with no adverse after-effects
  4. Helps for better dental health (no sugars or other ingredients); cleans teeth naturally
  5. Processed from quality raw materials. Cleaned and dried naturally
  6. It is delicious food for your dog
  7. Makes them happy 😊
  1. We only supply one ingredient, 100% natural products; no trick; no cheat.
  2. We produce only good quality products, no other alternatives.
  3. We know what commintment and what reliability is; we supply on time and only give words which we can follow.
  4. Hygiene is very important for us; our facility is clean as lab.
  5. Our products tested before delivery and free from any bacteria or hazardous items.
  6. We value transparent and honest communication and supply not only best products but also best service.
  7. We look for long term co-operation where two sides benefits.(win-win)
  8. We have wide variety of products.